Streets That Begin With “C”

We want to make it easier for you to get connected to Little League or Softball in your area.  To help you, we’ve listed all street names in the Greater Worcester Area. To find the league for your area, click on the street name below and you’ll be taken to the league that supports your area and contact information.

Cabot Street
Cadman Street
Cadorna Road
Calmia Street
Calumet Avenue
Calvin Street
Camassa Terrace
Cambridge Place
Cambridge Street (#’s Lower Than 499)
Cambridge Street (#’s 500 and Higher)
Camden Avenue
Camelot Drive
Cameron Street
Camp Street
Candlewood Street
Canterbury Street
Canton Street
Capitol Street
Caprera Road
Carbon Street
Cardinal Road
Cargill Avenue
Carl Street
Carlton Street
Carlisle Street
Carlstad Street
Caro Street
Caroline Street
Carpenter Avenue
Carson Court
Carter Road
Carver Street
Cascade Road
Casco Street
Caspar Street
Castine Street
Castle Street
Cataline Street
Catalpa Circle
Catalpa Street
Cataract Street
Cataumet Street
Catharine Street
Catharine Street Terrace
Caton Road
Cedar Street
Center Street
Central Street
Century Drive *
Chadwick Street
Chalmers Road
Chamberlain Parkway
Chambers Street
Chandler Court
Chandler Street – From right side to Main to Irving
Chandler Street – From left side to Irving both sides Irving to June
Chandler Street – From both sides June to Pleasant St.
Channing Street
Channing Way
Chapin Street
Charlotte Street
Charlton Street
Chase Court
Chatanika Avenue
Chatham Street – From both sides of Chestnut to Newburry St.
Chatham Street – From both sides Main to Irving St.
Chatham Village Road
Cheever Street
Chelsea Street
Cheney Street
Chequesset Road
Cherokee Road
Cheshire Road
Chester Street
Chester Terrace
Chesterfield Road
Chestnut Street – From Bowdoin St right side to Elm St
Chestnut Street – From Bowdoin St left side to Elm St
Chestnut Street – From Elm St right side to Irving St
Chestnut Street – From Elm St left side to Irving St
Chestnut Hill Lane *
Chevy Chase Road
Cheyenne Road
Chicopee Street
Chilmark Court
Chilmark Street
Chiltern Hill Drive
Chiltern Hill Drive North
Chino Avenue
Chippewa Road
Christine Drive
Christine Street
Christy Court
Chrome Street
Circuit Avenue East
Circuit Avenue North
Circuit Avenue South
Circuit Avenue West
City View Street
Claffey Avenue
Clapp Street
Clara Street
Claremont Square
Claremont Street
Clarence Street
Clarendon Street
Claridge Drive
Claridge Road
Clarissa Street
Clark Street
Clarkson Street
Clason Road
Clay Street
Clearview Avenue
Clegg Street
Clement Street
Cleveland Avenue
Cliff Street
Clifton Street
Clifton Terrace
Clinton Court
Clinton Street
Clive Street
Cliveden Street
Clover Street
Clyde Road
Coburn Avenue
Coes Street
Cohasset Street – From Plantation both sides to Pilgrim
Cohasset Street – From Pilgrim both sides to Warner Ave
Colby Avenue
College Street
Collins Street
Colonial Road
Colrain Street
Colton Street
Columbia Street
Columbine Road
Columbus Street
Commercial Street
Commodore Road
Commonwealth Avenue
Concord Street
Congdon Street
Conger Road
Congress Alley
Congress Street
Constitution Avenue
Converse Street
Conway Street
Coolidge Road
Coombs Road
Coonan Street
Copley Road
Coppage Drive
Copperfield Road
Coral Street
Corinth Drive *
Cornell Street
Cornhill Street
Corning Avenue
Corrine Street
Cottage Street
Cotuit Street
Country Club Boulevard
County Street
Courtland Street
Coventry Road
Cowden Street
Cragie Street
Crane Street
Cranston Street
Crawford Street
Crerie Avenue
Crescent Street
Crest Avenue
Crest Circle
Crest Street
Crestlan Circle
Crestlan Drive
Creston Street
Crestwood Street
Creswell Road
Crickett Lane
Crillon Road
Cristy Street
Crompton Street
Cross Street
Crown Street
Crown Street Place
Crowningshield Road
Croydon Road
Crystal Street
Cuba Road
Cumberland Street
Curran Place
Curtis Parkway
Curtis St and Pkway
Cutler Street
Cutting Avenue