Streets That Begin With “L”

We want to make it easier for you to get connected to Little League or Softball in your area.  To help you, we’ve listed all street names in the Greater Worcester Area. To find the league for your area, click on the street name below and you’ll be taken to the league that supports your area and contact information.

Lachapelle Street
Laconia Road
Ladybank Road
Lafayette Street
Lagrange Street
Lake Avenue
Lake Avenue North
Lake View Street
Lakeside Avenue
Lakewood Street
Lamar Avenue
Lamartine Street
Lambert Circle
Lanark Street
Lancaster Street
Lancaster Terrace
Lanesboro Road
Langdon Street
Lansing Avenue
Lansing Avenue West
Lantern Lane
Lapierre Street
Laraia Street
Larch Street
Larkin Street
Laselle Avenue
Lauf Street
Laurel Street
Laurelbrook Drive
Laureldale Road
Laurelwood Drive
Laurier Street
Lavallee Terrace
Lawnfair Street
Lawrence Street
Lawton Street
Laxell Avenue
Layard Place
Lazelle Street
Lebanon Street
Ledgecrest Drive
Ledgewood Lane
Lee Street
Leeds Street
Leland Street
Lenora Street
Lenox Street
Leon Street
Lepanto Street
Leslie Road
Lewis Street
Lexington Street
Leyton Road
Liberty Street
Library Lane
Lincoln Street – From Lincoln Sq both sides to North Parkway
Lincoln Street – From North Parkway to Shrewsbury Townline left side
Lincoln Street – From North Parkway to Shrewsbury Townline right side
Linda Vista Street
Linden Street
Lisa Avenue *
Lisbon Street
Liscomb Street
Litchfield Street
Livermore Street
Lochwan Avenue
Locust Avenue
Lodge Street
Lodi Street
Longfellow Road
Longmeadow Avenue
Long Vue Terrace
Longwood Avenue
Longworth Road
Lord Street
Lorenz Street
Lorenzo Street
Loring Street
Lorion Avenue
Lorraine Road
Loudon Street
Louise Street
Lovell Drive
Lovell Street
Lovell Terrace
Lowell Court
Lowell Street
Lowland Court
Loxwood Street
Lucian Street
Ludington Road
Ludlow Street
Lulea Street
Lull Street
Lund Street
Lundberg Street
Lunelle Street
Luther Avenue
Lyford Street
Lyman Street
Lyndale Road
Lynnwood Lane
Lyon Street
Lyon Place