Streets That Begin With “M”

We want to make it easier for you to get connected to Little League or Softball in your area.  To help you, we’ve listed all street names in the Greater Worcester Area. To find the league for your area, click on the street name below and you’ll be taken to the league that supports your area and contact information.

Mabelle Street
MacClarey Way
Macwaboc Street
Madeline Street
Madison Street – From Harding right side to Main St
Madison Street – From Harding left side to Southbridge St
Magnolia Avenue
Maher Street
Main Street – From Lincoln Sq both sides to Madison/Chandler
Main Street – From Madison/Chandler both sides to Hammond St
Main Street – From Hammond St left side to Mill St
Main Street – From Mill St to Leicester line both sides
Main Street – From Hammond right side to Mill St.
Malden Street
Malden Terrace
Mallard Road
Malmo Street
Malvern Road
Manhatten Road
Manila Street
Mann Street
Manomet Street
Manor Street
Maple Street
Maple Terrace
Maple Tree Lane
Mapleleaf Road
Maplewood Avenue
Maplewood Road
Maranda Street
Maranook Road
Maravista Road
Marble Street
March Street
Marchen Drive
Marcius Road
Marconi Road
Marcy Street
Marden Street
Margaret Street
Margin Street
Marie Street
Marion Avenue
Marjorie Street
Market Street
Marland Court
Marland Road
Marlboro Street
Marmion Avenue
Marmon Place
Mars Street
Marsh Avenue
Marshall Street
Marshfield Street
Marston Way
Martha Avenue
Marwood Road
Mary Ann Drive
Mary Jane Circle
Mary Scano Drive
Mason Court
Mason Street
Massachusetts Avenue
Massasoit Road
Matteo Street *
Mattson Avenue
Maurice Street
Maverick Road
Maxdale Road
Maxwell Court
Maxwell Street
May Street – From Main St both sides to June St
May Street – From June St both sides to Pleasant St
Maybrook Place
Mayfair Street
Mayfield Street
Mayflower Circle
Mayside Lane
Maywood Place
Maywood Street
McClintock Avenue
McFarland Court
McGill Street
McKeon Road
McKinley Road
McRae Court
Meade Street
Meadow Lane
Meadowbrook Road
Mechanic Street
Medfield Street
Meena Drive
Melbourne Street
Mellor Avenue
Melrose Street
Melville Street
Mendon Street
Meola Avenue
Merchant Street
Mercury Drive
Meredith Road
Meridale Road
Merlin Court
Merrick Street
Merrifield Street
Merrill Road
Merriweather Road
Merton Street
Metcalf Street
Miami Street
Michigan Road
Middlesex Avenue
Midgely Avenue
Midgley Lane
Midland Street
Mildred Avenue
Military Road
Mill Street – From Main St right side to Park Ave
Mill Street – From Main St left side to Park Ave
Mill Street – From Park Ave left side Mill St to First St
Mill Street – From Park Ave right side Mill St to June St
Mill Street – From First St left side to Airport Dr
Mill Street – From June St right side to Chandler St
Mill Street – From Airport Drive left side to Chandler St
Mill Street Extension – From Main left side
Mill Street Extension – From Main right side
Mill Pond Road
Millbrook Street – From West Boylston both sides to Gold Star Blvd
Millbrook Street – From Gold Star Blvd both sides to Burncoat
Millbury Street
Milton Place
Milton Street
Minerva Street
Minots Street
Minthorne Street
Miscoe Road
Modoc Street
Modred Court
Moen Street
Monmouth Rd.
Monmouth Avenue
Monroe Ave.
Montague Street
Monterey Road
Montgomery Ave.
Monticello Drive
Monticello Drive West
Moran Court
Moreland Street
Moreland Green Drive
Morgan Street
Morningside Road
Morningside Terrace
Morse Court
Morton Court
Moss Street
Mott Street
Mount Avenue
Mount Holyoke Avenue
Mount Hope Terrace
Mount Pleasant Street
Mount Vernon Street
Mountain Street East
Mountain Street West
Mower Street
Mulberry Court
Mulberry Place
Mulberry Street
Murray Avenue
Muskeego Street
Myrick Avenue
Myrna Road
Myrtle Street
Mystic Street