Streets That Begin With “P”

We want to make it easier for you to get connected to Little League or Softball in your area.  To help you, we’ve listed all street names in the Greater Worcester Area. To find the league for your area, click on the street name below and you’ll be taken to the league that supports your area and contact information.

Page Street
Paine Street
Pakachoag Street
Palace Gardens Street
Palfrey Street
Palisades Street
Palm Street
Palmer Street
Papineau Avenue
Paradox Drive
Paris Avenue – From Vermont both sides of Paris Ave to Westcott
Paris Avenue – From Westcott left side of Paris Ave to Swan Ave
Paris Avenue – From Westcott right side of Paris Ave to Swan Ave
Park Avenue – From Gold Star right side to Salisbury
Park Avenue – From Gold Star left side to Elm St
Park Avenue – From Salisbury right side to Mill St
Park Avenue – From Elm St left side to May St
Park Avenue – From Mill St right side to Main St
Park Avenue – From May St both sides to Mill St
Park Avenue – From Mill St left side to Main St
Park Avenue Place
Park Hill Road
Park Terrace Road
Park View Drive
Park Villa Drive
Parker Court
Parker Street
Parkton Avenue
Parsons Hill Drive
Pasadena Parkway
Passway One
Passway Three
Passway Four
Passway Five
Passway Six
Patch Reservoir Drive
Patch Street
Pattison Street
Paul Revere Road
Paul Street
Pauline Street
Payson Street
Peabody Street
Peacedale Avenue
Pearl Street
Pearson Street
Pelham Street
Pelican Avenue
Pemberton Street
Pembroke Street
Penhallow Road
Penn Avenue
Penobscot Street
Perkins Street
Perkins Terrace
Perrot Street
Perry Avenue
Pershing Street
Perth Court
Peru Street
Phillips Street
Phoebe Way
Phoenix Street
Piedmont Court
Piedmont Street
Piehl Avenue
Pierce Avenue
Pierpont Street
Pilgrim Avenue – From Dell Ave left side to Grafton St
Pilgrim Avenue – From Dell Ave right side to Grafton St
Pilgrim Avenue – Both sides of Pilgrim south of Grafton St
Pine Hill Road
Pine Tree Drive
Pine Tree Lane
Pine View Avenue
Pinebrook Lane
Pinecrest Drive
Pineland Avenue
Pinewood Lane
Pinnacle Street
Pioneer Road
Pitt Street
Plane Street
Plantation Street – From Grafton St both sides to Hamilton
Plantation Street – From Hamilton St left side to Belmont St
Plantation Street – From Hamilton right side to Belmont St
Plantation Street – From Belmont St both sides to Lincoln
Plantation Street – From Lincoln both sides to Boylston St
Plantation Terrace
Plastics Street
Pleasant Street – From Main St both sides to Chestnut St
Pleasant Street – From Chestnut St both sides to Highland St
Pleasant Street – From Highland St (Newton Sq) both sides to Paxton Town Line
Pleasant Place
Pleasant Terrace
Pleasant Valley Drive
Plum Street
Plymouth Street
Pocasset Avenue
Pocasset Street
Pocono Road
Polito Drive
Pollock Street
Pomona Road
Pompano Road
Pond Street
Poniken Road
Poplar Street
Porter Street
Portland Street
Porto Rico Street
Potomska Street
Powers Court
Pratt Road
Pratt Street
Prentice Street
Prescott Street
Preston Street
Primrose Street
Princeton Street
Prioulx Street
Proctor Street
Progressive Street
Prospect Street
Prouty Lane
Providence Street – From Ballard St both sides to Winthrop St
Providence Street – From Winthrop St left side to Union Place
Providence Street – From Winthrop St right side to Union Place
Prudence Street
Prudential Road
Pullman Street
Purchase Street
Puritan Avenue – From Hamilton St both sides to Grafton St
Puritan Avenue – From Grafton St south both sides
Putnam Lane