Streets That Begin With “S”

We want to make it easier for you to get connected to Little League or Softball in your area.  To help you, we’ve listed all street names in the Greater Worcester Area. To find the league for your area, click on the street name below and you’ll be taken to the league that supports your area and contact information.

Sachem Avenue
Sagamore Road
St. Anthony Street
St. Elmo Road
St. John’s Road (cemetary)
St. Kevin Road
St. Louis Street
St. Marks Road
St. Nicholas Avenue
St. Paul Drive
Sala Street
Salem Street
Salford Street
Salisbury Crag
Salisbury Lane
Salisbury Street
Salisbury Street
Salisbury Street
Salisbury Street
Samoset Road
Sandra Drive
Sandy Bar Drive
Santoro Road
Santuit Lane
Sarah Drive *
Saratoga Drive
Sargent Court
Sargent Street
Satucket Way
Saugus Place
Savoy Street
Saxon Road
Saybrook Road
Scandinavia Avenue – From Vermont both sides to Wescott St
Scandinavia Avenue – From Wescott to Scarsdale St
Scarsdale Street
Scenic Drive
School Street
Schussler Road
Scott Street
Scranton Road
Scrimgeour Road
Sears Island Drive
Seattle Street
Second Street
Seconset Street
Selden Street
Seminole Drive
Seneca Street
September Street
Service Road
Sever Street – From Pleasant St both sides to Elm St
Sever Street – From Elm St both sides to Highland
Seward Street
Seymour Street
Shady Brook Lane *
Shaffner Place
Shaffner Street
Shale Street
Shamrock Street
Shannon Street
Shattuck Street
Shawmut St
Shawnee Road *
Sheffield Road
Shelby Place
Shelby Street
Sheldon Street
Shepard Street
Sherbrook Avenue
Sherburne Avenue
Sherer Trail
Sheridan Street
Sherman Street
Sherwood Road
Shirley Street
Shore Drive
Shoreham Street
Short Street
Short Street
Shrewsbury Street
Sierra Street
Sigel Street
Sigourney Street
Silver Street
Silver Spruce Circle *
Simmons Avenue
Simone Street
Smith Lane
Smith Street
Smithfield Road
Snowy Owl Lane *
Snyder Court
Solferino Street
Somerset Street
Somerville Road
Sonoma Drive
Sorrento Street
South Street
South Buffum Street
South Cambridge Street
South Crystal Street
South Edlin Street
South Flagg Street
South Gate Street
South Harlem Street
South Hill Street
South Lenox Street
South Ludlow Street
South Stowell Street
South Ward Street
Southbridge Street – From Main St both sides to Madison St
Southbridge Street – From Madison St right side to Hammond St
Southbridge Street – From Madison St left side to Auburn Line
Southbridge Street – From Hammond right side to Auburn line
Souther Drive
Southern Avenue
Southgate Place
Southgate Street
Southold Road
Southview Road
Southwood Road
Spaulding Street
Spencer Street
Spofford Road
Sprague Lane
Spring Lane
Spring Road
Spring Valley Road
Spurr Street
Squantum Street
Stafford Street
Standish Street – From Hamilton both sides to Grafton
Standish Street – From Grafton St south both sides
Stanley Road
Stanton Street
Stark Road
State Street
Stearns Street
Stebbins Street
Steele Street
Stephen Avenue
Sterling Street
Stetson Road
Stevens Road
Stidsen Way
Stockholm Street
Stockton Street
Stoddard Drive
Stone Street
Stone Gate Lane
Stone Haven Road
Stone Haven Way
Stoneham Road
Stonehouse Lane
Stoneland Road
Stoneleigh Road
Stores Street
Stowell Avenue
Strasburg Road
Stratfield Street
Strathmore Road
Stratton Road
Sturgis Street
Suburban Road
Sudbury Street
Suffield Street
Suffolk Street
Sultan Street
Summer Street
Summer Street Court
Summerhill Avenue
Summit Park Road *
Summit Street
Sun Valley Drive
Sunderland Road – From Massasoit Rd both sides to Grafton St
Sunderland Road – From Grafton to Shrewsbury town line
Sunderland Terrace
Sunny Hill Drive
Sunnyside Avenue
Sunnyview Heights
Sunrise Avenue
Suntaug Road
Superior Road
Surrey Lane
Sussex Lane
Sutton Lane
Sutton Place
Svea Street
Svenson Avenue
Swan Avenue – From Wildwood Ave both sides to Paris Ave
Swan Avenue – From Paris Ave both sides to Mill St
Sweetbrier Lane
Sycamore Street
Sylvan Street
Syme Street