About District 4

District 4 Little League encompasses 17 leagues, 9 leagues in the city and 8 in the neighboring towns of Holden, Clinton, Boylston, West Boylston, Paxton, Rutland, Berlin, and Sterling. We have over 4,200 children ages 4-16 playing baseball and softball. This includes our 2 district programs the Challenger division for our physically and emotionally challenged children and our Senior Softball Program. This coming season we are looking to expand to the 50-70 baseball division. This division will allow our 13 yr. olds an opportunity to play in a competitive division while learning to adjust to a larger diamond. We are very excited about being able to expand our program for these players.


2021 Registration Now Open!

It’s time register your son or daughter for Little League Baseball or Softball! Children ages 4-16 can play Little League.  We have divisions starting with Tee-Ball to Sr. Division Baseball and Softball.  The coaches are ready to go, field clean-up will begin as soon as all the snow is gone!!  All we need now are our players!!!!! Please go to your League’s website to register.  If you have moved or are new to this area, please call me (508) 852-1201 and tell me where you live, and I will find your league.  No time to waste- THE BIG LEAGUES are … Continue reading 2021 Registration Now Open!


2021 Early Update

Ty Cobb Little League will no longer run a softball program. All girls in Ty Cobb Little League who would like to play softball this year should register with Jack Barry Little League. Currently, we are planning on having a baseball and softball season this year throughout the district!!! I am hoping with the vaccine available we will be able to move about a little more freely. If anything changes you can check with your local leagues.