The 2020 Season is Upon Us!

2020 begins a new decade and we had some exciting news to kick off the New Year.

Dt. 4 submitted a bid for the Little League Softball World Series previously held in Portland, Oregon. While the experience was exciting imagining all the possibilities it would afford not only for our city but also for the state as a whole having this tournament so close to home. Unfortunately we did not make the final cut. No worries everyone, we still have the SR. Softball East Region. A tournament I am proud to say is run with the girls totally in mind and is for them. This year I vow to make it better than we have which is a tall order since we already offer so much for them around their games. I will be looking for additional sponsorship to provide more. I’m keeping that under my hat!

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who wished us good luck in our endeavor and were there cheering for us. Especially to the City of Worcester who showed their support from the Mayor, City Manager, and all the City Councilors, to the Parks Department, Hilton Garden Inn for assisting with housing and Fox Bus Tours assisting us with transportation. Destination Central who assisted in compiling documentation of all that Worcester had to offer.

Expands Upper Level Baseball

Some leagues in Dt. 4 are expanding their upper level baseball. The intermediate level was successful which prompted some leagues to expand to Jr. Little League ages 14-15 and Sr. Little League ages 15-16. The leagues offering Jr. Little League Baseball are Lou Gehrig, Jesse Burkett, Holden, and Rutland. Those offering Sr. Little League Baseball are Connie Mack, Lou Gehrig, Jack Barry, Jesse Burkett and Rutland. If you would like more information in regards to Jr. or Sr. Little League baseball please contact Linda McGill.


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