Moving Forward Plan

Dear Dt. 4 Little League Parents,

Here is the plan moving forward regarding Little League Play in Worcester and the surrounding towns of Berlin, Boylston, Clinton, Sterling, Holden, Paxton, Rutland, and West Boylston.

First, Gov. Baker will tell us in which phase we fall in to begin play.

Next, we need to follow what Mayor Petty and City Manager Augustus tells us where the city lies and each of the towns’ Board of Health tells them where they lie.

Finally, the Board of Directors of each league will meet to discuss how their league stands in its ability to run the league under the timeline and protocols given.

As we hear from each government group we will be adopting its rules for opening our leagues.   We will start with the Governor then add local protocols not addressed by the Governor; finally we will add the Little League protocols not addressed by the state and local officials.

As you can see there are no dates given because they have not been released.  We all have to be prepared to be flexible because something could happen which will move the starting date.  I know this difficult for all of us because if there was one thing we could count on with Little League there were dates that needed to be followed and you always worked your schedules around those dates.  Unfortunately this virus has no timeline, nor has no one group that it will attack.

I want to be that sliver of hope that says We Can Play.  My final thoughts-ultimately you as the parents make the final decision as to whether or not your child will play.  Also as long as everyone in the league follows all the protocols the league will continue to play.  Unlike other youth baseball and softball groups I know my Little League players, parents, and League officials will see that for the sake of the children we all follow the “rules”.


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