2021 Registration Now Open!

It’s time register your son or daughter for Little League Baseball or Softball!

Children ages 4-16 can play Little League.  We have divisions starting with Tee-Ball to Sr. Division Baseball and Softball.  The coaches are ready to go, field clean-up will begin as soon as all the snow is gone!!  All we need now are our players!!!!! Please go to your League’s website to register.  If you have moved or are new to this area, please call me (508) 852-1201 and tell me where you live, and I will find your league.  No time to waste- THE BIG LEAGUES are playing NOW we need our LITTLE LEAGUES to join in the fun!!!

CHALLENGER this year will be in the FALL, please call Linda McGill (508) 852-1201 for more information.

2021 Early Update

Ty Cobb Little League will no longer run a softball program. All girls in Ty Cobb Little League who would like to play softball this year should register with Jack Barry Little League.

Currently, we are planning on having a baseball and softball season this year throughout the district!!! I am hoping with the vaccine available we will be able to move about a little more freely. If anything changes you can check with your local leagues.

Moving Forward Plan

Dear Dt. 4 Little League Parents,

Here is the plan moving forward regarding Little League Play in Worcester and the surrounding towns of Berlin, Boylston, Clinton, Sterling, Holden, Paxton, Rutland, and West Boylston.

First, Gov. Baker will tell us in which phase we fall in to begin play.

Next, we need to follow what Mayor Petty and City Manager Augustus tells us where the city lies and each of the towns’ Board of Health tells them where they lie.

Finally, the Board of Directors of each league will meet to discuss how their league stands in its ability to run the league under the timeline and protocols given.

As we hear from each government group we will be adopting its rules for opening our leagues.   We will start with the Governor then add local protocols not addressed by the Governor; finally we will add the Little League protocols not addressed by the state and local officials.

As you can see there are no dates given because they have not been released.  We all have to be prepared to be flexible because something could happen which will move the starting date.  I know this difficult for all of us because if there was one thing we could count on with Little League there were dates that needed to be followed and you always worked your schedules around those dates.  Unfortunately this virus has no timeline, nor has no one group that it will attack.

I want to be that sliver of hope that says We Can Play.  My final thoughts-ultimately you as the parents make the final decision as to whether or not your child will play.  Also as long as everyone in the league follows all the protocols the league will continue to play.  Unlike other youth baseball and softball groups I know my Little League players, parents, and League officials will see that for the sake of the children we all follow the “rules”.

Congratulations D4 Umpires!


District 4 will have 2 Umpires traveling this summer to umpire in All-Star tournaments.

Kevin Roy will be traveling to Orange, CT. for the Jr. Softball East Region.  July 22-July 29.

Matt Noponen will be traveling to Commack and Dix Hills, New York on Long Island for the

Intermediate Baseball East Region.  July 23-July 30.

We are very proud and excited for both of them to have received these assignments.  Both of these gentlemen began their umpire careers by taking the Little League Umpire course offered by Mark McGill and Dean Harris.  They umpired Little League games then joined the High School Association but never forgot where they began. I’m looking forward to the day they receive their first World Series Assignment!!!  Good Luck Kevin and Matt and enjoy every minute of your time there.

The 2020 Season is Upon Us!

2020 begins a new decade and we had some exciting news to kick off the New Year.

Dt. 4 submitted a bid for the Little League Softball World Series previously held in Portland, Oregon. While the experience was exciting imagining all the possibilities it would afford not only for our city but also for the state as a whole having this tournament so close to home. Unfortunately we did not make the final cut. No worries everyone, we still have the SR. Softball East Region. A tournament I am proud to say is run with the girls totally in mind and is for them. This year I vow to make it better than we have which is a tall order since we already offer so much for them around their games. I will be looking for additional sponsorship to provide more. I’m keeping that under my hat!

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who wished us good luck in our endeavor and were there cheering for us. Especially to the City of Worcester who showed their support from the Mayor, City Manager, and all the City Councilors, to the Parks Department, Hilton Garden Inn for assisting with housing and Fox Bus Tours assisting us with transportation. Destination Central who assisted in compiling documentation of all that Worcester had to offer.

Expands Upper Level Baseball

Some leagues in Dt. 4 are expanding their upper level baseball. The intermediate level was successful which prompted some leagues to expand to Jr. Little League ages 14-15 and Sr. Little League ages 15-16. The leagues offering Jr. Little League Baseball are Lou Gehrig, Jesse Burkett, Holden, and Rutland. Those offering Sr. Little League Baseball are Connie Mack, Lou Gehrig, Jack Barry, Jesse Burkett and Rutland. If you would like more information in regards to Jr. or Sr. Little League baseball please contact Linda McGill.

2020 Umpire Course

Mark McGill and Dean Harris conduct a 7 week course, February 25-April 15 6:30-8:30 pm. This course is designed for anyone ages 15+ interested in becoming a Little League Umpire. In addition to learning the rules, umpire mechanics are also taught. This course is held at the Beaver Brooke Community Center 9 Mann St. The registration fee is $50.00 and may be paid at the first class. Please contact Mark (508)852-1201 to register or further details.

2019 All-Star Tournament

It’s that time of year again!  The 2019 All-Star Tournament where Little Leagues throughout District 4 select 12-13 players to represent their League in this competition.  These children have completed playing their regular season games and are now playing in Little League’s All-Star Tournament.   The 8/9/10 year old division kicked off the tournaments this weekend.  We have 3 divisions of baseball and softball vying for the title of District 4 Champion in each of these divisions of baseball and softball.  That translates to approximately 475 youngsters!

Please check the schedules we have posted here or like us on our Facebook page Mass District 4 Little League and come out for a night of exciting baseball and softball plays being made by these youngsters.  We need to cheer these young athletes on and make them feel good about what they are accomplishing.  At the end of the day, I don’t care about the score I just love watching them run and slide to make that spectacular catch or slide into second base then jump up and brush themselves off.  For me, that is what baseball and softball is all about.  Making memories, making friends, and being a part of a team and learning that the score isn’t what matters but how you played the game.

The baseball games are being played at the Schwartz Little League Field 1 Ararat St. Worcester

  • Lou Gehrig Little League Field 23 Stockton St. Worcester
  • Jesse Burkett Little League Field 540 Chandler St. Worcester
  • Rutland Little League Field 25 Pommagusett Rd. Rutland
  • Paxton Little League Field 17 West St. Paxton
  • The softball games are being played at Rockwood Field 540 Chandler St. Worcester
  • Vernon Hill Softball Field 43 Ames St. Worcester

FYI all these fields have excellent Concession Stands.  Come out, buy a hot dog, a bag of popcorn and sit down to watch these youngsters give it their all!

Congratulations to Kevin Roy

Kevin took the Umpire course offered by Dt. 4 subsequently he became a Dt. 4 umpire. This year he will be umpiring the East Regional Major Softball Tournament hosted in Bristol, CT. This will be his second regional tournament, his first was right here in Worcester-The Senior Softball regional. This puts him in line for a future World Series. We wish him well and know he will proudly represent MA Dt. 4 umpires!

2019 Umpire Course

Mark McGill and Dean Harris conduct an 8 week course, February-April 6:30-8:30 pm day of week to be determined. This course is designed for anyone ages 15+ interested in becoming a Little League Umpire. In addtion to learning the rules, umpire mechanics are also taught. This course is held at the Beaver brooke Community Center 9 Mann St. The registration fee is $50.00 and may be paid at the first class. Please contact Mark (508)852-1201 to register or further details.

Congratulations to Dean Harris

Congratulations to Dean Harris-assistant umpire in chief for District 4.  He will be umpiring in Williamsport this summer for the Little League World Series.  I know he will represent not only District 4 but the state of Massachusetts and the East Region very well. This is a great honor and one he worked hard to achieve.  I am hoping more of our current Little League umpires will soon be umpiring at higher levels and are appointed to a World Series as well.