District 4 is seeking Supporters for our District 4 Senior Softball and Challenger
Programs. We have several levels of support which are detailed below:

BRONZE– Your business name will be advertised on our website

SILVER– In addition to your business name being advertised on our website, we will also include a brief description of your business and how your charitable donation impacted our Softball and /or Challenger programs. We will also provide a link on our website to your business website.

GOLD– This level of support includes both the Bronze and Silver level benefits as well as your choice of either a Team Sponsorship for either a Senior Softball or Challenger team or you can choose to have a sign on our field with your
company’s logo.

PLATINUM– This level of support in addition to the three previous levels, includes a special recognition at the top of the page of your generous donation and its impact on our Senior Softball and Challenger programs. This will include a sign on our field, link to your business website and our Facebook page.

Please click on our Supporter Information form and select your level of support.

Thank you, from our young athletes. Your support in their athletic endeavor
makes a difference that you can never imagine, creates an experience that will
last a lifetime, and provides them with skills that will help them as they grow into adults.