Dean Harris is the District Umpire Consultant. The district is very lucky to have him on staff and Dean has 45+ years of experience all at the volunteer level. He has umpired many upper level games including Regional and World Series tournaments. Dean is available to answer any question or interpretation of a rule you may have during the season.

Dean conducts a Little League Umpire class each year. Upon completion of this class you have the knowledge to umpire Little League or Minor League games. This class is not only for umpires but is strongly recommended for managers or coaches so that you understand the rules you are teaching your players.

An additional resource for you comes direct from Little League. Please read the disclaimer below and follow the link to this resource.

This valuable resource is now available Free at Whether you are a novice umpire or an experienced umpire, the Umpire Resource Center is a valuable tool in improving or honing your umpiring skills.

The Umpire Resource Center is packed with educational content and video clips on plate and base mechanics to print and news articles that will provide an opportunity for Little League’s to look to this resource to build, recruit, train and retain a program of volunteers within their leagues. The resource center will also enable umpires to remain updated on the rules and regulations, exchange ideas and offer suggestions that will continually improve their game.